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“The day the music died,” from the song American Pie by Don McLean, referred to February 3, 1959, the days Buddy Holly, Richie Valens...

WePress: Community Makerspace gets hands-on in the Downtown Eastside

Having toiled in the printed trade for many years when I was younger it was fascinating to see these two technologies employed side-by-side – one a throwback to an earlier time and the other only a few years old and still-evolving. To my eyes, WePress reflects a new way of looking at the creative process, where new technologies and old are embraced and digital and analog coexist happily.

Heart of a Champion, a new book for young people by Ellen Schwartz is set against the backdrop of the internment of Japanese Canadians...

The Power of Community: Tonari Gumi

With the 1977 Japanese Canadian Centennial, TG cemented its place within the community as a number of important projects were launched, including the Dream of Riches book and exhibit, the Powell Street Festival and the planting of memorial sakura trees in Oppenheimer Park.

Kona, a film in progress by Walter Dods

In 1881, David Kalakaua, the last King of Hawaii, made his one and only voyage to Japan. His mission was two-fold: First, form an alliance with the Emperor to create an empire that stretched eastward from the Japan, across all the islands of the South Pacific, and creating the new kingdom of ‘Oceania.’

Honouring Shag Ando

by Susanne Tabata In 1958, when Gordon Kadota started the first golf tournament for the lower mainland JC community, it was a massive social...