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07 Stonehenge 1

Stonehenge Uncovered Premiere

Mysterious Monument Stonehenge is an icon of prehistoric Britain, an enigma that has seduced archaeologists and tourists for centuries. Why is it here? what...


The Vancouver Asahi at VIFF

This past summer, even as protest tents were sprouting up across Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park, post-production was wrapping up on a new fact-based film that features that same park in a starring role.


Chrysanthemums & Maple Leaves

This innovative festival celebrates the music of Japan, and explores interactions between Japanese and Canadian cultures through educational events, workshops, chamber recitals and orchestral concerts in Vancouver, Victoria and Burnaby.


Kiri’s Piano – Looking for Kiri

The film is the story of one woman’s sacrifice while rampant prejudice tears her Japanese Canadian family apart during the Second World War. Kiri’s once joyful piano music turns bitter when forced relocation and internment take away her husband, her home and her family’s simple fishing life along the BC coast.


President’s Message

The JCYLC was an excellent opportunity for young leaders (from teenagers to 39-year-olds) to connect, bond, and generate even more enthusiasm, which has been building between the young leaders who have been working together on the organizing committee . . .

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