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民芸展や御神輿、9月25日から27日はBC州のカルチャー祭典celebrate culture daysで美術館、図書館、歴史博物館など900の市町、1500の入場無料の催し物が開催された。バーナビー、バンクーバー、スコアミィシュ、ウイスラー、リルーエット、カムロップス、バーノン、サモンアーム、ケローナ、ペンテクトン、ホープ、メープルリージと自動車で移動し紅葉を楽しむ芸術愛好者もいた。


Letter to the Editor

I too do not like the way we’re being carved up like a pie into Boomers, Millennials, Xers, Gen Ys, etc., and have wondered in whose interest has it been to do this – and also often to pit generation against generation? whose agenda does it serve?

Legacy of Redress

Legacy of Redress Forum

Walking from table to table at the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA) Legacy of Redress Forum, you could hear the ideas bubbling...


Working Group Update

On August 21, 2015 the working group met with Anglican Church representatives to review the June 15 Apology event and to discuss steps to...

Hastings Park_slider

Hastings Park update

Since the opening of the Hastings Park signage exhibit in April, 2015 the Hastings Park committee has been involved in follow up developments such...


Working Towards an Open and Just Society

Canada likes to present itself to the world in a certain way. The image of Canada is often that of an open, tolerant, society; one that anyone can come to and thrive in, just as long as they work hard. One thing that we have learned over the course of the “Right to Remain” project is that this image of Canada is largely a work of fiction.