The Bulletin

RM Greenaway: River of Lies

In 2014, Nelson resident Rachel Greenaway won the Arthur Ellis Unhanged award for best unpublished novel for her novel Cold Girl. The award led...

Remembrance Day 2020

Thanks to Veteran’s Affairs Canada, we are able to live stream the Remembrance Day service this year, and hope to reach more than the...

On Hiroshima Day

I want to establish my relationship to the bombing of Hiroshima in conversation to the present, and how it spills over time, borders, and culture.

Michael Prior: Burning Province

I remember the first time my grandparents, my sister, and I drove by where Tashme used to be on our way into the interior to visit my father’s parents and someone pointed it out. I remember, too, distinctly thinking that “Tashme,” was a Japanese word