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Shako Club

Shako Club (or ‘social club’) is a two month long residency project with Vancouver-based artist Cindy Mochizuki and members from Tonari Gumi who will...


JCCA President’s Report

We hope to see many from the Japanese Canadian community at Hastings Park on April 26th for the unveiling of four panels introducing the history of Japanese Canadians who were incarcerated at Hastings Park in 1942. The event will include a walking tour and reception. On June 14th, we’ll be practising our swing and having some fun at the 3rd Annual Tonari Gumi and JCCA Golf Tournament.


Review: Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

It is a visually-evocative film, both stark in its contrasts and rich in its emotional detail from the claustrophobic conformist offices of Japan to the almost paralyzing vastness of the American hinterland. The symmetrical composition shots, dead-pan humour, and quirky characters give the film a Wes Anderson feel, but with a deep personal investment that forces us to wonder how far would any of us go to follow our dreams, hopes, and beliefs.