The Bulletin


Honouring Shag Ando

by Susanne Tabata In 1958, when Gordon Kadota started the first golf tournament for the lower mainland JC community, it was a massive social...


President’s Message

by Lorene Oikawa Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! [I look forward to our continued relationship in the New Year.] ...


Hide Hyodo-Shimizu Research Scholarship

The National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Landscapes of Injustice Partnership Project are proud to jointly announce the Hide Hyodo-Shimizu Research Scholarship Valued at $10,000,...


Remembering Aya Higashi

Following the war, Aya returned to Vancouver to obtain her teaching certificate then returned to Kaslo for good, fulfilling a promise she had made to the local principal. She taught senior high, specializing in commerce and home economics.



民芸展や御神輿、9月25日から27日はBC州のカルチャー祭典celebrate culture daysで美術館、図書館、歴史博物館など900の市町、1500の入場無料の催し物が開催された。バーナビー、バンクーバー、スコアミィシュ、ウイスラー、リルーエット、カムロップス、バーノン、サモンアーム、ケローナ、ペンテクトン、ホープ、メープルリージと自動車で移動し紅葉を楽しむ芸術愛好者もいた。