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Three Abreast In A Boat Revisited

The March 2011 issue of The Bulletin featured three women—Esther Matsubuchi, Patricia Tanaka and Vivian Omori—all breast cancer survivors and members of Abreast in...

Powell Street Festival 2011 Photo Gallery

For various reasons I missed past three Powell Street Festivals so it was great to be back in Oppenheimer Park this year taking in the smells, the sights and the sounds of this amazing community festival – the oldest ethnic festival in Vancouver (and maybe all of Canada!).


I heard from my father that he bought the Nimi Drug Store from Ishikawa in 1918. Asiatics were not allowed to dispense western medications—only Japanese-style herbal medications. So Nimi Shokai sold Kodak cameras, film, 78 records of popular songs, pancake makeup, Shaffer pens, gift items, binoculars. Lots of people bought their omiyagi from us, gifts to take back to Japan with them.

Remembering the Sisters

Chuck Tasaka is a retired teacher living in Nanaimo, BC. Growing up in Greenwood during the Internment years he and many other Japanese Canadian...

inReview: Identity – Ancestral Memory

Structured as a tribute to the multimedia artist Roy Kiyooka (1926-1994), a man who fearlessly re-created his world through the honesty of his imagination, Identity pays homage to Kiyooka most obviously through its largesse, its richness of visuals, sounds and movements.