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Osuwa Daiko

Kumidaiko grew out of both festival drumming and the more religiously-focused temple and shrine drumming but is inexorably infused with elements of jazz. As the story goes, Oguchi was sought out after a piece of written music was found in an old miso warehouse owned by one of his relatives.

Jodaiko Plays the Cultch!

Jodaiko bring a very passionate, empowered performance to the stage. In addition to Tiffany Tamaribuchi, this year’s line up included Kristy Oshiro, Susan Tanabe, Eileen Kage and Leslie Komori.

Canadian Multicultural Hockey League

Papulkas is proud to have a South Asian team in the tournament and the quality of players they have on their roster. He has received inquiries from a Guyanese team, a Lithuanian team and teams made up of Filipinos and Australians.

Hastings Park Update

As part of the City’s master plan to transform the Park into a greener, more active, year-round destination, HPC and PNE staff met May 15th to pick sites for signs commemorating four buildings remaining from the Internment marshalling period

Places That Matter plaque at Celtic Cannery

Everyone is invited to attend and share stories of life pre-1942 when approximately 25 Japanese Canadian families employed in the fishing industry lived in the area before being forcibly removed and relocated. They lived in row housing, on BC Packers land on Celtic and Deering Island

inReview: Vancouver International Film Festival

This ambitious drama takes up where Imamura Shohei’s acclaimed 1983 feature The Ballad of Narayama left off. In a small village, tradition dictates that the elderly are taken up a mountain and left there to die at age 70, but suppose the women of the village defy their fate?