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Japanese songs, Thelonious Monk, & Satoko Fujii

The other day I started thinking about that deep feeling in Japanese folk and pop songs. Not that I’m an expert, because I don’t know a lot of Japanese songs, I don’t search for them, and I really didn’t learn any when growing up. Now, for the record, I do know some of the lyrics and melody of that old chestnut, Sukiyaki.

Are you Japanese Canadian? How do you know?

Identifying as Japanese Canadian is no longer the stigma it once was. Heck, some might even say we’re finally cool. After all, our roots go all the way back to the land of Hello Kitty, anime and sushi. What makes YOU Japanese Canadian? The Bulletin is compiling a list of the unique charactaristics that make us who we are.

New Denver: Memories Are Made Of These . . .

My first winter in New Denver …. COLD for sure but lots of snow and it stayed. I remember we made our own sleds and skis out of fresh lumber from trees cut in the mountains. Steel runners were attached to the sleds by a man who worked at a local machine shop in town.