Walk for Reconciliation

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  1. John Hayashi says:

    I want to thank Mas Fukawa for all her support and encouraging my writing an article on First Nations and the impact of residential school. I also want to acknowledge the fact that I was inspired by her walking in the reconciliation walk in Vancouver, while carrying a sign that identified her as a Japanese Canadian. I was also participating in the reconciliation walk but didn’t go over to introduce myself to Mas. I later recognized my not going over to speak with Mas, was because of being uncomfortable publicly identifying myself as Japanese Canadian. I later reflected on the fact that my growing up with being scared of standing out, of just wanting to blend in and be a good Canadian; stopped me from approaching Mas. I felt ashamed of my fear stopping me from acknowledging the efforts being made by Mas in supporting such an important cause. I then decided to contact Mas to acknowledge her courage and she in turn encouraged me to write about my experiences with First Nation’s people. So thank you once again Mas for all the important work you do and your courage and willingness to stand out and express your views in a crowd.


    John Hayashi

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