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Justin & Lea Ault . . . eat, play, live: raising a family @ the interracial divide

We figured, if they were going to be going to a preschool for a couple years before they started kindergarten, then why not get some language benefit out of it. I wouldn’t have been unhappy if they took Mandarin even. It’s not like it’s an effort for the kids. I know that I got a real economic boost in my life from having a second language. While I was going to UBC, I worked as a bellman at the Waterfront Centre Hotel. I would have never got that job if I didn’t speak the basic Japanese I did at the time—there were just too many other nice, personable guys out there. It was a great job and I’d never have got it if I didn’t have that language component.

Kelowna Animator Wins the Prix du Public

Yellow Sticky Notes was the only Canadian winner at the festival, taking home the Prix du Public (Audience Award) in the Lab Competition. The film was also the only North American film to win an award at the internationally renowned 2009 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.