Susanne Tabata – Tracing History – Facing The Future

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2 Responses

  1. Mel Tsuji says:

    Susanne – I’d like to get in contact with you. I run a program
    called nikkeiFLIX in Toronto. We run films/docs by and about
    Japanese Canadians and your name keeps coming up in my search.
    I wonder if you’d be interested in letting us show some of your
    films here? We’re a very small JC film committee operating out
    of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre here. We’re getting a
    growing audience for our program and I think it’s important to
    show stuff done by our people. Interested?

  2. Loretta Boerkamp says:

    Suzanne, I met your Mother many years ago and remember parts of your life story, which shared a lot of twists and turns the I was going through at the same time with my Son.
    I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, you had such a supportive caring Mother and Father and Brother, please give Barb. my best, You go girl!
    Loretta (642-7450)

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