Reconciling With First Nations People

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1 Response

  1. Daniel Blackstone says:

    I would like to thank Mr. Hayashi for his remarkable views and experience in relation to the residential school experience. I find his words to be very validating and in fact freeing from the oppressive experiences and history of the legacy of residential schools. A very accurate depiction of events as they have unfolded and a very clear representation of an actual reconciliation of these accounts. The Japanese community in particular is fortunate to have him among your ranks and Canada in her entirety has plenty to learn from Mr. Hayashi’s personal approach to reconciling with the aboriginal community. His account is a first among many attempts to recount such historical events that simply validates and does not take away from the experience of racist persecution, oppression and assimilation policies of the Canadian government. He is successful in claiming his own biases, emotions and thoughts without blaming and perhaps more importantly without offering pity. Simply, he sees, hears and feels…owning his own experience of these events and he expresses himself clearly. An experience I find to be both validating and freeing at the same time. To you Mr. Hayashi and to the Japanese community of Canada, I say thank you! from the bottom of my heart. tleco! tleco!