The Bulletin

Interview: Frank Moritsugu

So starting on Monday Dec. 15, the week after the Pearl Harbor attack, I joined the staff in Nihonmachi and learned how a real newspaper was put together from the boss Tommy Shoyama, as well as other staffers such as Yoshi Higashi—original editor Peter Shinobu Higashi’s younger brother—and Seiji Onizuka who was the sports editor.

The New Canadian – A History

When The New Canadian began publishing on Kaslo’s Front Street on November 30, 1942, it became the primary source of news for a community that had been exiled from their homes on the west coast.

President’s Message

The Bulletin/Geppo has undergone many changes in these 50 years, from a few type-written pages providing information on local Nikkei community events to one that looks at some of the more controversial issues in today’s global community.


The history of the flowering cherry trees in Vancouver, according to the Park Board, goes back to the early 1930’s when the Board started...

Kids Corner

A well-known English proverb says “you are what you eat.” I, on other hand, believe that you are what you hear.

To the Editor

Dear John, Thank you for your very interesting editorial concerning your family and the evolvement of the Greenaway clan. It is always a joy...

To the Editor

A Tribute to George Oikawa As I opened to page 12 of the December issue of The Bulletin and saw the smiling face of...

Community Kitchen

How wonderful! Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary of the Bulletin! I remember the only Japanese Canadian newspaper was The New Canadian from Montreal post...

JCAA Human Rights Committee

One purpose stated in the JCCA Constitution is to “protect and promote the past, present and future legal rights and democratic freedom of all...