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President’s Message

On attending some of the free events and activities during the Olympics, I was pleased to see many displays of our diversity through featured foods, arts, and music around Vancouver. Many of the musical entertainers here during the Olympics satisfied my love of music and arts. I was also please to see that many of the fine multiethnic restaurants that we have here in Vancouver have done their utmost in appeasing the palettes of all of our guests.

Kaori Kasai: Sleepless @ Blim

Visual artist Kaori Kasai’s world is populated with whimsical creatures, large-eyed children, and androgynous characters. Her paintings and drawings create short vignettes dealing with...

PREVIEW: Marathonalogue

When I saw an article in the newspaper—Naoko Takahashi wins women’s marathon after drinking an extract distilled from giant killer hornets at the Sydney Olympics—long after Naoko had won at Sydney, I was struck by the imagery that it conjured up, unforgettable, and I immediately thought of the raspy, buzzing sound of bagpipes as a representative, or stand-in for hornets and taiko for pounding of feet on pavement.


I never met Lois Hashimoto, but was saddened to hear of her passing on January 8th in Laval, Québec. Lois was a regular contributor...

re:Funding the Arts

by Diane Kadota Recent cuts to arts funding in BC have had a terrible effect, threatening community arts organizations that have few other sources...

President’s Message

I hope you are ready to welcome our many visitors for this once-in-a-lifetime event. I was here in Vancouver for Expo 67 (86?) and although I was working much of the time, I did enjoy many of the activities and events when I had a chance. Although there are many issues associated with the Olympics here in Vancouver, I mainly support the many amateur athletes and their support staff who will have dedicated many long hours in order to represent their countries in their chosen sport (or sports!). It is amazing how much money and time is required in order for the athletes to be able to reach this level but also sad for the many who either just missed or are not ready to achieve success.

Keirokai 2010

If the younger generations—the yonsei and the gosei—are the future of the Nikkei community, the seniors are the foundation up which the community is...