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Akira Kurosawa 1910-2010

A virtuoso visual stylist, Kurosawa is popularly associated with the jidai-geki (period film), and in particular the chanbara (sword-fight film) or samurai drama. Although Kurosawa was, indisputably, a master of action cinema — his films elevate the sword-swinging samurai genre formula into the highest cinematic art — he was very much a master as well of the gendai-geki, the contemporary drama.

Limelight: Richard Murakami

Salt Spring Island’s Richard Murakami was among forty-seven British Columbians representing 32 communities throughout the province who were honoured at the seventh annual BC...

The First Battle

The Battle for Equality in War-time Hawaii Perhaps the single most significant documentary film on modern race relations, The First Battle chronicles the experiences...

Bob Nimi: steadfast in support of seniors

In Robert and Jane Nimi’s hallway there is a photo hanging on the wall depicting three smiling young men clad in black leather motorcycle jackets astride Triumph Thunderbird motorcyles. Taped next to the photo is a clipping of Marlon Brando riding the same motorcycle in the classic film The Wild One. As Bob leads me through to the living room for our interview, he stops and points out himself on the far right of the photograph. Just after graduating high school, he explains, he and two high school buddies set off on a three-week road trip to San Diego, camping along the way. It was, he says, one of the highlights of his younger years. While the photograph stands in contrast to the elegance of the house, it does tell you something about Bob Nimi and the sense of determination that has served him well during his lifetime.

Quiet Heroes in Trying Times

I know I’ve been over this territory before on these pages, but it never hurts to revisit some things, such as the idea that real heroes are found, not in the sports section or on Entertainment Tonight but under our own noses.

Community Kitchen

Cucumber prices are coming down, so I’ll share a few
of my tsukemono recipes.

4 to 6 cucumbers
1 1/2 cup water
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
1/4 cup rock salt

President’s Message

Before going to press last month I managed to attend Richard Murakami’s receipt of the 2010 British Columbia Community Achievement Award at Government House in Victoria on April 28. Richard was selected for this honour as a result of his many acts of generosity and kindness on Salt Spring Island. His most notable act was the donation of land for the construction of Murakami Gardens, a recently-completed 27-unit affordable housing project. Murakami Gardens is serving as a template for many new affordable house projects provincially.

Sumidagawa / Curlew River

When Vancouver’s City Opera set out to pair Sumidagawa with Curlew River for their 2010 season—a feat that had only been undertaken twice before, once in London and once in New York City—the intention was to mount the original noh version of the piece. In the process of finding a noh company that could perform the work, they discovered the existence of Nakajima’s butoh interpretation and made the decision to bring in Denise Fujiwara to perform it.

Interview: Denise Fujiwara

Working with Natsu Nakajima changed my life. Because butoh is a different paradigm from western forms of contemporary dance, I really had to start over from zero. I had to go to a ‘beginner mind’ and body. This was a terrifying and wonderful process.