The Bulletin

Steveston Buddhist Church Celebrates 80th Anniversary

THE ORIGINS OF THE STEVESTON BUDDHIST Temple, celebrating its 80th Anniversary on Saturday, October 25, 2008, are rooted in the first wave of Japanese immigrants to BC. Following on the heels of Manzo Nagano arrival in 1877 and lured by dreams of riches, young men from small fishing villages in Japan began flocking to Steveston.

Letter to the Editor

As chronicled in the media, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre sustained considerable damage due to a Feb. 4 structure fire.

Review: Marginalia

My rock was labeled gLOVEs, an apparent reference to Roy’s StoneDGloves, a photographic and poetic essay based on discarded work gloves at construction sites in Osaka, Japan at the time of Expo ‘70.

Milestones March08

TAMEMOTO Matsue—Born July 5, 1912 and passed away peacefully January 23, 2008 at St. Vincent’s Langara Care Home with the family by her side.

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