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On Sunday, December 9, 2018, Tonari Gumi played host to a celebration luncheon in honour of the 30th Anniversary of Redress and 60th Anniversary...

The Pain We Cannot Swallow

This article was originally published in Ricepaper Magazine. December 13th, 2018 marks eighty-one years since the Nanjing Massacre. “The Pain We Cannot Swallow” is...

The Suitcase Project : Dialogues + Reflections

Consider how your family’s journey has shaped who you are today” is the request shared at the base of the large velvet red banner at the entrance to the small gallery coated in black paint. Framed photos in birch hang in neat disorder, like the way a family would hang a mass of images in their living room. Voices emit a combination of anger, hope and sadness in the background, while fragments of their lives flash across a projected screen.

A Canadian Yonsei in Yamagata

As I came to know the students and teachers over the next few weeks, I felt amazed by their kindness and hospitality. One teacher even went to Costco and bought me peanut butter and popcorn to make me feel more at home. The vice principal makes a huge effort to speak English to me, and I often find little treats left on my desk.