Notice of Special General Meeting

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  1. Dan Tokawa says:

    The GVJCCA Redress Committee in 1990 created a Trust Fund of $33,621.83 for a Redress Committee Legacy Resource Library that seemingly disappeared,unaccounted for, and ignored, after my term as GVJCCA President expired.

    This remaining money was a tangible symbol of the sacrifices and struggles left by the committee volunteers and their supportors in fighting for the dream over the 5 year campaign, beginning with the formation of the GV Redress Coallition which has been forgotten by most JC’s.

    In the very large money transactions that must occur to realize the move to the proposed legacy building, the GVJCCA and Tonari Gumi directors should acknowledge the redress volunteers sacrifices by including the trust fund moneys (incl. interest)as a legacy debt, similar to the outstanding office rental debt, in the relocation budget statements.

    I believe this will set the right tone towards realizing a successful move into the proposed building.

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