Mixed Marriages: Why Are There So Many Among Japanese Canadians?

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2 Responses

  1. CK Izawa says:

    I had saved this article hoping to jot down some of my own thoughts on the matter, however, I have not yet done so. To me personally, as a 40something, it seems obvious why there would be such a high number of mixed marriages among Japanese-Canadians, but, this requires much more thought on my part before I even begin to write anything about it. (I’m not a writer.)

  2. Peter Doerksen says:

    In response to this article, I am with a Japanese woman from Japan, and I am curious as to the success rate of these marriages. Also, I feel that the reason for this anomaly may be that modern Japanese women don’t want to marry a Japanese man because of the established role expectations. It seems in my experience that Japanese men are more interested in marrying a person to take over the mother role, and expect all functions of house maintenance to be the woman’s responsibility, in short it may be that these women would like to marry a man and not a boy, someone who is more self sufficient and capable of sharing the responsibility of the family. Also by the same token these women are able to make more demands of the non-nikkei husband which a Japanese man would never tolerate. I am speaking of more than 12 years of experience partnered with a Japanese woman and being extensively exposed to Japanese culture. Unfortunately, I have seen more than 90% of these mixed marriages end in disaster, due to the unrealistic expectation of the husband to conform to the “SUPERIOR” Japanese culture. Most of these marriages are Japanese women to Caucasian men. And the woman feel that even though they have left their culture, they assume that they can push their belief system on their partners with high amounts of disrespect and low consideration for the culture that THEY have chosen to live in. Success can be higher, if both partners are able to appreciate the finer points of each others cultures without having to conform absolutely to the other culture.

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