Limelight – Richard Murakami

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  1. Richard is a gem, the article is great and depicts the man he is…thank goodness there are people like Richard and his sister Rose in this world.

  2. Zoe Chalmers says:

    Richard has Helped me and my family out many times over the years. He is a kind, hardworking and generous man and we are all lucky to have such a great friend like richard.

  3. Hi Richard:

    It is so nice, when a person such as yourself forgives what was done to himself so foolishly by a government, and then does what you did in the true spirit of giving.

    In the past few years I have helped someone to get thru a few years of hardship, on a much smaller scale than yourself.

    Now I am trying to find the next step.

    My artist friend created several pieces of fine art, oil on canvas, over the past few years and I now hold them at my office here on Salt Spring Island. One of those pieces is the JAPANESE CRESTED IBIS.

    It was always in my mind after it was completed, to contact someone and use the painting as a way to raise funds for some worth while cause and I thought, what better than to help the sunami victims in Japan or unless you know of a cause closer to home.

    I hold the original framed art work and also several giclees. According to the Japanese consulate in Vancouver no one has painted the Ibis before that they are aware of. We also gave a print, or at least tried to give one to the Emperor when he was visiting in Victoria. David gave it to a guard and he said the Emperor would get it. We never heard back.

    If you think there is a way to use this painting to raise funds for a worthwhile cause then contact me. You can view the painting on our website

    I can be reached at 250-537-2133 or email,

    It would be interesting to talk to you.



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