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The Bulletin: A Journal of Japanese Canadian Community, History + Culture

  • English and Japanese content
  • Monthly circulation of 4150 (5150+ for special issues)
  • 56 pages (88+ pages for special issues)
  • Full colour 70 lb gloss cover, black and white super high-brightness improved newsprint pages 
  • National subscriber base with a concentration in BC and Metro Vancouver
  • Free distribution throughout Metro Vancouver, click HERE for locations
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The Bulletin has focused on Japanese Canadian life since 1958

  • Arts and culture
  • Community profiles and local events
  • Historical perspectives 
  • Social commentary and human rights
  • Food and beverage

Monthly columns

  • Community Calendar (English)
  • JCCA President’s Message (English/Japanese)
  • Community Kitchen Recipes by Satoye Kita (English)
  • CrossCurrents Commentary by Masaki Watanabe (English/Japanese)
  • Vancouver Japanese Language School Community Update (English/Japanese)
  • National Association of Japanese Canadians National News (English)
  • Tonari Gumi Corner Japanese Community Volunteers Association (English/Japanese)
  • Powell Street Festival Update (English)
  • Toronto National Association of Japanese Canadians Update (English)
  • Nikkei Place Monthly Update (English/Japanese)
  • Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society (English/Japanese)
  • JCCA Human Rights Committee (Japanese)
  • Commentary by Yusuke Tanaka (Japanese)
  • Meets Community Interview (Japanese)
  • Beauty and Wellness by Natsuko Moretti (Japanese)
  • La Petite Kitchen Recipes by Tanaka Asahi (Japanese)

Special Issues

These include full colour inside pages (except April issue), have an increased print run, number of pages and distribution, include the festival program and are distributed at each festival 

April Sakura Days Japan Fair issue
Click HERE for more information

July Powell St Festival issue
Click HERE for more information

August Nikkei Matsuri Festival issue
Click HERE for more information

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The 15th of the preceding month

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