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Renbu Dojo: Next Generation Kendo Culture

Renbu Dojo, one of a dozen or so kendo dojos in BC, was founded by Yukio Ara in 1977. Ara had emigrated to Canada from Japan ten years earlier—during Canada’s Centennial—looking for work. As the youngest of five siblings, prospects were not good in postwar Japan,

Peggy Baker Dance Projects

Legendary dancer Peggy Baker explored the many levels of male-female intimacy throughout Stereophonic, her programme of five magnetic duos which had the highly alert audience applauding each and every time.

Places That Matter plaque at Celtic Cannery

Everyone is invited to attend and share stories of life pre-1942 when approximately 25 Japanese Canadian families employed in the fishing industry lived in the area before being forcibly removed and relocated. They lived in row housing, on BC Packers land on Celtic and Deering Island

Memories of Greenwood

In early January I opened an email, and as I started to read it, my eyebrows lifted. It was from Mollie McArthur’s daughter, Sandra, asking whether I was Marion Fujino’s son, David.