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Review: Kessa

Kessa, conceived and choreographed by Ida, is a long-percolating response to his relationship with his grandmother, and his guilt at not having connected with her fully as she lay dying in the family home.

Interview: Harry Aoki

I sat down with Gary Cristall and Harry Aoki last week at Nikkei Place. Gary is writing a book on the history of folk...

The Case of the Missing Computer

Later that night we braved the cold and wandered down to the hotel pub, which even by the lowly standards of the neighbourhood could be generously described as a dive. Amidst the hookers, hustlers, bikers, winos and junkies the presence of two cherubic Bulletin editors stood out like sore thumbs.

Interview: Fumiko Greenaway

Fumiko Greenaway was a key part of the restructuring of The Bulletin in the mid eighties. First Office Manager and then Managing Editor, she...

Interview: Mickey Tanaka

I was born in Mission City, BC in 1927 on my father’s farm on Mt. Maryanne where the Westminster Abbey presently stands. My earliest memories are of Santa’s visits, sleigh rides, watching a black bear approach as we hid in a shed, mochitsuki, potato roasts on our cliff, singing and watching the moon come up over Mt. Baker, the summer influx of friends who came from Vancouver to pick berries in the summer, and most of all, our parents love.

History of The Bulletin Part 1

IN 1950, A YOUNG NISEI NAMED Mickey Nakashima returned to the coast from Montreal. She became involved in the Vancouver community and the JCCA and in 1958 came up with the idea of starting a newsletter for members. She named the new publication The Bulletin, after the Montreal Bulletin, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Steveston Buddhist Church Celebrates 80th Anniversary

THE ORIGINS OF THE STEVESTON BUDDHIST Temple, celebrating its 80th Anniversary on Saturday, October 25, 2008, are rooted in the first wave of Japanese immigrants to BC. Following on the heels of Manzo Nagano arrival in 1877 and lured by dreams of riches, young men from small fishing villages in Japan began flocking to Steveston.