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PuSh PreView : Toshiki Okada

Playwright Toshiki Okada was born in Yokohama City in 1973. While attending Keio University, where he graduated with a business degree, he discovered an...

Review : Three Nikkei Books

When dawn broke on 6 June, it revealed an unforgettable sight: thousands of ships, seeming to reach forever across the sea, with their barrage...

Remembrance Day 2008

Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze was killed in Afghanistan on 2 March, 2008 when the vehicle he was traveling in hit an Improvised Explosive Device....

In Review : Shinju

The experience of Yayoi’s Theatre Movement production of Sonezaki Shinju began as soon as I entered the doors into the Performance Works space. Stepping into the blackness and around a corner, we entered an elegantly sparse box: a place outside of place or time, and filled with expectation.

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Serving up a Tasty Pan-Asian smorgasbord November 6 – 9, 2008 Now in its twelfth year, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival has established itself...

InReview : VIFF

Director Ryosuke Hashiguchi’s long-awaited return is an absolute triumph, expertly veering between emotional extremes. All Around Us follows the tumultuous early years of marriage between the tightly wound Shoko (Tae Kimura) and the emotionally adolescent Kanao (Lily Franky). The loss of a baby reveals the underlying frailties of their relationship, and Hashiguchi’s patient portrayal creates characters that the audience comes to truly care for.

Killing time with married men

In general, there is a tendency among both male and female youth to avoid developing deep relations with others. In the film, [Makoto] doesn’t want a proper “boyfriend-girlfriend” or “husband-wife” relationship and chooses to be with a married man who cannot become her “boyfriend.” It is therefore a relationship of convenience for Makoto.

Keeping History Alive

To help recognize the historic significance of Cumberland’s other Japanese community of No. 5 Road, there are plans to erect a storyboard in the vicinity of former No. 5 Japanese Townsite that will display photographic images and brief stories by former No. 5 residents of life in the community prior to their forced evacuation during World War II. Funds are available for construction of the storyboard. Such storyboards have been erected elsewhere in the Village of Cumberland to inform visitors of life in the former No. 1 Japanese Townsite and the once thriving Chinatown.

Love, Toni xox

Yukiko and Toni Onley 1980. Photo by Iwao Matsuo. When iconic Canadian artist Toni Onley died in a plane crash on February 29, 2004,...