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March 4, 1910 Rogers Pass Avalanche

Sometime during the day on March 4th, a snow avalanche descended Cheops Mountain into the valley at the Summit of Rogers Pass. It covered the CPR railway. A crew of men and a locomotive-driven snow blower were dispatched to clear the tracks. The men would clear the debris from the snow and the snow blower would move in to blow the snow off of the tracks. As the men struggled through the night to clear the first snow slide, a second avalanche descended from the opposite side of the valley and hit the railway at the point where the men were working.

Memories of my father

When he turned to research and writing, our family was loaded into the car on a long road trip across the country. We stopped in small towns with names like Slocan and New Denver, which were steeped in memory for him. But for us kids — we just shrugged our shoulders with impatience . . . not able to see the import or history.

March to December

The Ito family donated their father’s archive with an award for someone to do research and to create a public presentation of Roy Ito’s work. I was the recipient of this award proposing an online interactive project that would house three new works in response to an item within his archive.

Kyo Maclear : on Roy Ito

First of all let me say that what surprised me most about Roy Ito’s diary was its candor and contemporariness. It is full of...

Baco Ohama : on Roy Ito

knowing, not knowing 1. I arrive at the archives wondering but not knowing what I would discover or create in response to Roy’s diary...

We Went to War [Excerpt]

War clouds loomed ominously over the Pacific in November 1941 as the Japanese Canadian Citizens League held its fifth annual conference in Victoria. Obata...

Two Poems

part of a crowd (two of three poems written on January 20, 2009) 1. as we wait in the cold air with excitement evident...

In Review : NABI/Comfort Women

From despair to hope: “NABI/Comfort Women” making an emotional connection with the victims by Satoko Norimatsu How do you go on living, when you...