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Preview: TomoeArts

A woman buried with a piece of fallen star; a blind child riding on the back of the dreamer; a huge ship going nowhere; a panama hat; a barber; a goldfish seller; a thousand pigs. These extraordinary images are found in a series of extraordinary yet little-known tales written by Natsume Soseki, considered by many to be the foremost novelist of Meiji-era Japan.

Preview: Kids Earth Fund

Looking for a way that children could use their unique talents to contribute to society, she hit upon the idea of using their artwork to promote a message of peaceful coexistence. She began to collect children’s drawings from around the world and the Kids Earth Fund (KEF) was born.

Preview: Tempus Theatre

In a series of 36 interlocking scenes, Iizuka’s play explores the relationship between the imaginary and the real, and the lines and spaces that separate feelings and words, objects and images of objects, antiques and reproductions, and a person’s heritage and physical features.

Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet

For many fishermen, the lifting of restrictions against Japanese Canadians on April 1, 1949 was bittersweet. While they were now allowed to move anywhere in Canada, including back to the BC coast, it wasn’t that simple. Eight years had passed since they were ordered off the coast. All fishing boats had been confiscated and then sold or sunk. Some fishermen had taken up other careers in the east. Some were too old to return to fishing. And some were just too bitter at the way they had been treated by their own government to want to return.

To the Editor

I was deeply disappointed not to see any Japanese Canadian story in the Vancouver Sun’s An Immigrant’s Journey: 150 Years of Newcomers to BC...

To the Editor

Dear Mr. Greenaway, I very much enjoyed the April issue of The Bulletin in which Roy Ito was remembered. Soldier, writer, teacher, and family...

Interview: Mariko Ando

There is a beautiful embossing and depth of ink on beautiful paper which digital print cannot achieve. It makes me so excited. Time & Hand = Precious. I want people to feel it with their eyes. Then look closer at it. There is a beauty on the paper.

Japantown Multicultural Neighbourhood Celebration

On Saturday March 28 between 10am and 9pm, the Japantown neighbourhood will come to life with historical walking tours centred around Oppenheimer Park; public discussion about the Historical and Cultural Review of Powell Street; portable displays from local organizations and the sharing of stories and histories from many invited guests at Chapel Arts; intimate musical and spoken word performances at various venues; a street procession of artists, children and music; an afternoon ceremony to honour the milestones and initiatives of the community, an early evening gala of multicultural music and dance with local performers, and closing with a special dance performance from a mother and son duo of the Bandou-ryu School of Nihon Buyo at the Japanese Hall.