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VIFFで大人気の是枝監督、2018年カンヌ国際映画祭の最高賞パルムドールを受賞作「万引き家族」は愛と犯罪、涙、刺激の詰まったほろ苦い物語。 少女のゆり(佐々木みゆ)は、虐待を受けている実の家族が良いのか、犯罪者の家族が良いのか?治(リリー・フランキー)と妻の信代(安藤サクラ)が率いる家族の方が、良い選択のように思えるが、それでは物語は終わらない…

Of Store and the Community

Part two of the series, Community Records and the Human Experiences of the Uprooting of Japanese Canadians, by Eiji Okawa and Landscapes of Injustice Research...

Why I changed my name

I was born with a white man’s name. When I looked in the mirror, I never found a white person, nor a man. A mystifying misery of disconnection between what I saw in the mirror and what I felt like inside left me feeling very lonely. All I wanted to do was fit in and not have to contend with these feelings of alienation.