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Congratulations to Canada for all the “Gold” in the Olympic and to the Paralympics! What a thrill and national pride! Way to go, Canada! We missed all the Olympic fervor due to our South America Cruise and got delayed coming home due to Santiago, Chile ‘s earthquake.

Spring is here and here are two recipes sent in by Alice Bradley — so lemony and refreshingly good! Thanks, Alice!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here we are—2010 is here, with our Winter Olympics right around the corner. Living in Richmond for over 53 years,...


BRRRR! It’s getting chilly outside. Hope it continues for the 2010 Olympics. Judy Nishi sent me her favourite recipe for Christmas and here it is. Thanks Judy.


Your recipe in the latest Bulletin brought back memories of going to the beach with my mother, She didn’t go just to enjoy the sunshine and the water but was always on the lookout for the perfect “daikon ishi” which I would have to carry home. During the war years she would pickle some strange stuff. Watermelon comes to mind. She would peel the rind, cut off any remaining flesh which left the rind about a quarter of an inch thick. She would slice these to about three inches long and layer them in a plate, salting each layer, cover with a saucer and top it with our “ishi”.


What wonderful summer weather we enjoyed this year and it seems like our Indian Summer is starting out very well. Just enjoy the crisp...


Blueberries were so good this summer that I finally tried this blueberry buckle recipe that I clipped a long time ago. It’s a blueberry cake with a buttery cinnamon topping.


We lost one of the greatest entertainers of our time in Michael Jackson. I have used this recipe from Katherine Jackson, mother of “Jackson Five” and Michael, clipped from a magazine a long time ago. Thought you might be interested to try this recipe and think of Michael when savouring this rice dessert.


The rhododendrums and the azaleas are in their blazing glory besides all the other colourful flowers. My favourite season of the year. Father’s Day...


Finally, winter is almost behind us and we are looking forward to Spring, Snowdrops, daffodils, forsythia and pussy willows are all heralding the warmer...