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Rev. Grant Ikuta

Both my father and grandfather have served as resident minister at the Steveston temple and when I was growing up.

Letter to the Editor

As chronicled in the media, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre sustained considerable damage due to a Feb. 4 structure fire.

Review: Marginalia

My rock was labeled gLOVEs, an apparent reference to Roy’s StoneDGloves, a photographic and poetic essay based on discarded work gloves at construction sites in Osaka, Japan at the time of Expo ‘70.

A TEST-TUBE Baby? In Ten Years? Many scientists in genetics are predicting in as short as ten years time, a woman will be able...

“We had a sense of mission in the sense that it was very important to do everything we could to sustain morale. We had...

President’s Message

Hi everyone! It’s only been a few weeks since our last Bulletin was sent out and in that time we have already enjoyed a...