Book: My Sixty Years in Canada

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  1. jane duber says:

    I have been looking for a copy of Dr. Miyazaki’s wonderful history for years, and am so grateful to know it is being republished. It is great to read, and gives a first hand flavour of the times he describes. For someone who faced so many unfair undeserved barriers, he gave all his energy to the community in which he remained after the war. He was an innovator and always found a way to get to his patients through all sorts of obstacles, and used to go on the railway speeder to some of them. He invented medical tools when the right ones were not on hand, some of which can be seen in what is now called, as you mention, Miyazaki house in Lillooet, where his surgery is preserved as it was when he retired. Thank you for this article, I look forward to being able to order the reprinted book.

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