Roy Oshiro and Canada’s Okinawan Roots

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  1. George Iwama says:


    Would you know who the head of the Okinawan Association, Okinawa Kenjinkai, is currently? I’ve been away from Vancouver for a while and have just returned to BC via Prince George.

    Thank you for any help you can be. An email or address or phone number of this person would be of great help.

    George Iwama

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for your website. I came upon your website by chance and the article about Mr. Roy Oshiro. His example and life story is an inspiration.

  3. Marlene McCaughey says:

    I came upon your website by chance and interested to read about our friend, Roy Oshiro. I am also of Okinawan descent; my grandfather, being Anno Makishi, who you mention in your article. Our kenjinkai in Lethbridge is alive and active and will pass your article on to our membership. Marlene McCaughey

  4. I am blessed to stumble upon this site. The life of Mr. Roy Oshiro is indeed an inspirational one.

  5. Mas says:

    Great story! I believe that novelist Joy Kogawa’s family is also from Okinawa. Keep up the great work.

  6. Mary says:

    What a wonderful story! We have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Oshiro and his family since the ’80s and cannot express the joy of watching them reflect Jesus Christ in their work and in their lives. It is appropriate that Mr. Oshiro, who has ministered for over 50 years, should be blessed with such a well-written tribute. Thank you.

  7. mahinalani turchet says:

    Here are two articles about Byron Fija re: language revitalization which I think you and your readers may find encouraging.

    Byron Fija Encounters Culture Shock “My heart swelled……. I felt …
    9 Nov 2010 … Byron Fija, Okinawan language practitioner and activist, ended his vist to Hawai`i with a seminar at the UH Hilo Hawaiian Language college, … – Cached

    The article was sent from a cousin living in Hawai’i. I am just beginning to learn about my Okinawan heritage. In Hawai’i, one is often asked, “What nationality are you?” I always referred to myself as being part Okinawan. I am of Hawaiian,Okinawan, and Chinese descent, and my son can add to that list as also being of Italian descent. We live near Caroline, Alberta. I had no knowledge of the history between Okinawa and Japan. It is always a blessing when there is a shift in consciousness – we try to teach our son that he can’t know where he is going unless he knows where he has come from. I am grateful that information about Okinawa is available.Thank you for a wonderful website!

    aloha no,

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