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  1. Gordon Hashimoto says:

    Thank you John for mentioning my mom. You would have liked my mom a lot had you met her. She was one of the sweetest, most caring people I knew, with a really great sense of humour. She made 5 kids, who made 6 kids of their own. She got great joy keeping up with each of our lives, and would run to any of us if we needed help. It didn’t stop at those 11 though – it seems to me she did the same for our spouses, friends, cousins, pets, neighbours, in-laws, co-workers, friends of in-laws, pets of cousins . . . She really felt bad if someone was going through a rough time, and happy if they were doing well. I always felt lucky to have had as a mom such a fantastic example of how to be loving, and now that she is gone, I am even more impressed and inspired by her desire and ability to care.

    Gordon Hashimoto

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