Author: John Endo Greenaway

Lessons of Nishga Girl

The lessons of the Nishga Girl and the November 10, 2010 ‘Too Asian’ article in Macleans magazine and other similar events from the past, teaches us to be relentless in our vigilance and united in our demand for inclusion.

Miyazaki House Visit

On Friday, June 21st, on behalf of the district of Lillooet, I was asked to welcome the Japanese Canadian Internment tour group who visited...

Internment Camp Bus Tour 2013

The tour was a moving experience and gave everyone a chance to follow in the footsteps of Japanese Canadians who were uprooted during the dark days of 1942. We all came away with a much deeper understanding of the hardships and emotional turmoil endured by the Nikkei community. One person said: “I was fearful about taking this trip – I thought I might cry the whole way, but it was very freeing for me.”

Canadian Multicultural Hockey League

Papulkas is proud to have a South Asian team in the tournament and the quality of players they have on their roster. He has received inquiries from a Guyanese team, a Lithuanian team and teams made up of Filipinos and Australians.

Hockey Night in Kanada

Because there’s no Japantown, Japanese Canadian are more integrated into Canadian culture. All my Japanese Canadian friends consider themselves Canadian more than anything else.

Hastings Park Update

As part of the City’s master plan to transform the Park into a greener, more active, year-round destination, HPC and PNE staff met May 15th to pick sites for signs commemorating four buildings remaining from the Internment marshalling period

Renbu Dojo: Next Generation Kendo Culture

Renbu Dojo, one of a dozen or so kendo dojos in BC, was founded by Yukio Ara in 1977. Ara had emigrated to Canada from Japan ten years earlier—during Canada’s Centennial—looking for work. As the youngest of five siblings, prospects were not good in postwar Japan,