Author: John Endo Greenaway

Jodaiko Plays the Cultch!

Jodaiko bring a very passionate, empowered performance to the stage. In addition to Tiffany Tamaribuchi, this year’s line up included Kristy Oshiro, Susan Tanabe, Eileen Kage and Leslie Komori.

Hastings Park Update

We have recommended the Livestock Building should have 2 panels since the building was a massive multi purpose site – not only housing women and young children, but also providing detainee health care, hospital and sanitorium services .

Join Us for Reconciliation Walk

The members of the JCCA Human Rights Committee participated in one of the many workshops the Truth and Reconciliation Committee sponsored, in April,2013. As...

Desecrated JC Salt Spring Island Graves Restored

“When our parents, Katsuyori and Kimiko Murakami brought the family back to Salt Spring Island in 1954 after being expelled in 1942, the first place they took the family was to the cemetery,” said Rose. “In the twelve years in which we lived in exile, we found that terrible things had been done to the Japanese Canadian graves.”

Cloth Letters Carry Words of Healing and Support Across the Ocean and back

For me, it is still unreal that all the letters are finally back in Vancouver after two and a half years of growing bigger on the road. These cloth letters have traveled to over 50 locations in Japan already – many places in Tohoku and all over Japan – and they continue to travel as they have crossed back across the Pacific to exhibit across Canada and the US.


“The Pole will remind us to be more vigilant when signals of distress and injustice surface. We, as a community, cannot continue to blame victims; victims who succumb to injustice. The cause of the circumstances which led to situations to which there are such victims needs to be examined. Our society must be alert to the misguided mores under which we currently operate….