Author: John Endo Greenaway

inReview: Medea

The fusion of Euripedes’ Greek tragedy Medea and the language, costumes and aesthetics of Japanese Noh drama may at first seem incongruous and unlikely.


Much controversy has surrounded Kogawa House. Many in the Nikkei community have heard cloaked accusations of sexual assaults on adolescent Japanese Canadian boys by Canon Goichi Nakayama of the Anglican Church.

Reconciliation Appreciation Event

Members of the JCCA Human Rights Committee were honoured to participate in Reconciliation Week and then the appreciation event that took place on October 29, 2013, in Vancouver, traditional Coast Salish territory.

Remembering Michiko “Midge” Ayukawa

How do you begin to sum up the life of one of the most esteemed scholars on Japanese Canadian history? You do as Midge would have done, you assume the role of good researcher, and you reach out to connect with people whose lives intersected with hers.

George Shintani – fighting for acceptance

In Singapore, when I was working in the war crimes unit, a Japanese prisoner who was a high ranking officer was allowed to go before a firing squad instead of going to the gallows, because it was considered to be more honourable for a soldier to die by firing squad.

In Search of Private Hikotaro Koyanagi

I recall Mrs Nishi telling me that a wounded soldier put out his hands to thank her at a Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Japanese Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park. She thinks he could be the wounded soldier Hikataro had on his back when he stepped on the mine and got killed. This was in the thirties.