Author: John Endo Greenaway

Survivors Totem Pole

Dear People of this Territory, Respected Elders, Friends in the Downtown Eastside Community & Beyond We humbly ask for your support to raise a...

Steveston Salmon Festival

The 69th Annual Steveston Salmon Festival began under bright blue skies. The day started with the parade enjoyed by thousands along the parade route...

Artist Talk: Chino Otsuka

Since the beginning of May, London, UK-based photographer Chino Otsuka has been working at the Nikkei National Museum as Artist-in-Residence. As a nominee for...

Consul General Seiji Okada: looking to the past for new ideas

Life is always challenging, wherever you are, but challenge means, at the same time, stimulating. So I’m ready to accept any challenge. As for rewarding, if you always face a challenge – if you really accomplish what you have to do, that is the reward; achieving something is a reward.

Holiday Gift Guide

Started as a knitwear company by their parents in 1978, Granted Clothing is now run by siblings Brian and Amy Hirano. Their beautifully designed, 100% wool chunky-knit sweaters are locally knitted by hand and sold internationally. Each sweater takes 10 to 15 hours to make and features branded wooden zipper pulls made of salvaged yew wood from Lasqueti Island.

inReview: Medea

The fusion of Euripedes’ Greek tragedy Medea and the language, costumes and aesthetics of Japanese Noh drama may at first seem incongruous and unlikely.


Much controversy has surrounded Kogawa House. Many in the Nikkei community have heard cloaked accusations of sexual assaults on adolescent Japanese Canadian boys by Canon Goichi Nakayama of the Anglican Church.

Reconciliation Appreciation Event

Members of the JCCA Human Rights Committee were honoured to participate in Reconciliation Week and then the appreciation event that took place on October 29, 2013, in Vancouver, traditional Coast Salish territory.