Author: John Endo Greenaway

Shogi – The Vancouver Shogi Club Rides Again

Like most board games, playing shogi is a blast, and every single match is different. There will be always be something new to learn, no matter how many games you play. And if you join a club, you can meet interesting people.

Magic Hour at the Nikkei National Museum

Not everything is based on negotiation. Sometimes we do what we want to do, and unless there’s a problem it works really well, and it’s kind of like a festive way of working together. I used to be in a collective where we discussed everything, and came up with ideas, which were good, but it ends up taking so much time that sometimes you have a hard time actually getting things done.

Bulletin Interview: Judge Maryka Omatsu

I loved my father and I regret that he died (1980) before our redress settlement, before my appointment to the bench, before I moved back to the west coast. In Vancouver, he had a popular restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Granville.

Survivors Totem Pole

Dear People of this Territory, Respected Elders, Friends in the Downtown Eastside Community & Beyond We humbly ask for your support to raise a...

Steveston Salmon Festival

The 69th Annual Steveston Salmon Festival began under bright blue skies. The day started with the parade enjoyed by thousands along the parade route...

Artist Talk: Chino Otsuka

Since the beginning of May, London, UK-based photographer Chino Otsuka has been working at the Nikkei National Museum as Artist-in-Residence. As a nominee for...

Consul General Seiji Okada: looking to the past for new ideas

Life is always challenging, wherever you are, but challenge means, at the same time, stimulating. So I’m ready to accept any challenge. As for rewarding, if you always face a challenge – if you really accomplish what you have to do, that is the reward; achieving something is a reward.