Author: John Endo Greenaway

WePress: Community Makerspace gets hands-on in the Downtown Eastside

Having toiled in the printed trade for many years when I was younger it was fascinating to see these two technologies employed side-by-side – one a throwback to an earlier time and the other only a few years old and still-evolving. To my eyes, WePress reflects a new way of looking at the creative process, where new technologies and old are embraced and digital and analog coexist happily.

Shogi – The Vancouver Shogi Club Rides Again

Like most board games, playing shogi is a blast, and every single match is different. There will be always be something new to learn, no matter how many games you play. And if you join a club, you can meet interesting people.

Magic Hour at the Nikkei National Museum

Not everything is based on negotiation. Sometimes we do what we want to do, and unless there’s a problem it works really well, and it’s kind of like a festive way of working together. I used to be in a collective where we discussed everything, and came up with ideas, which were good, but it ends up taking so much time that sometimes you have a hard time actually getting things done.

Bulletin Interview: Judge Maryka Omatsu

I loved my father and I regret that he died (1980) before our redress settlement, before my appointment to the bench, before I moved back to the west coast. In Vancouver, he had a popular restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Granville.