Author: John Endo Greenaway

The Taste of Home

It was once known as the Powell Street Grounds, later changed to Oppenheimer Park, after Vancouver’s second mayor, David Oppenheimer. Depending on what website...

Digging Deep

When I was young I had little or no interest in Japanese (or Japanese Canadian) history or culture. I knew my mum was Japanese,...

WePress: Community Makerspace gets hands-on in the Downtown Eastside

Having toiled in the printed trade for many years when I was younger it was fascinating to see these two technologies employed side-by-side – one a throwback to an earlier time and the other only a few years old and still-evolving. To my eyes, WePress reflects a new way of looking at the creative process, where new technologies and old are embraced and digital and analog coexist happily.

Shogi – The Vancouver Shogi Club Rides Again

Like most board games, playing shogi is a blast, and every single match is different. There will be always be something new to learn, no matter how many games you play. And if you join a club, you can meet interesting people.

Magic Hour at the Nikkei National Museum

Not everything is based on negotiation. Sometimes we do what we want to do, and unless there’s a problem it works really well, and it’s kind of like a festive way of working together. I used to be in a collective where we discussed everything, and came up with ideas, which were good, but it ends up taking so much time that sometimes you have a hard time actually getting things done.

Bulletin Interview: Judge Maryka Omatsu

I loved my father and I regret that he died (1980) before our redress settlement, before my appointment to the bench, before I moved back to the west coast. In Vancouver, he had a popular restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Granville.