Author: John Endo Greenaway

My Sister Know Why Podcast

I’m listening to the My Sisters Knows Why podcast, where Ang and Claud are talking about mochi and its relationship to Japanese Canadian traditions and culture, before moving on to obon, and then the Japanese Canadian picnic at the Toronto Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

Paueru Gai Dialogues #3 – reflections

I was honoured to serve as guest host for On Memory, Mythmaking, and Community Resilience. The theme of the session emerged out of recent work I have been doing and conversations I have been having.

A Totem Pole for Mio

Sammy Takahashi, president of the Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce, was shopping at the Save-On-Foods on Marine Drive near his home in North Vancouver when...

Randall Okita’s The Book of Distance

It’s an experience that is hard to describe, there are so many layers to interacting with a story that is this personal, intergenerational, and marked in parts with silence. In some ways, retelling is reliving

Michael Prior: Burning Province

I remember the first time my grandparents, my sister, and I drove by where Tashme used to be on our way into the interior to visit my father’s parents and someone pointed it out. I remember, too, distinctly thinking that “Tashme,” was a Japanese word

Things I Do For Money: Warren P Sonoda goes home to Hamilton

Eli and Nick Yaguchi, two Japanese Canadian cello-playing brothers from Hamilton, Ontario inadvertently steal a bag of money from a horrific crime scene. Trouble ensues when a Vancouver-based hit man, who turns out to be their estranged uncle Just Jimmy, shows up on the scene.