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From the Archives: Editorial April 1958

As we celebrate the Centenary and rejoice in the fact that we are an integral part of this wonderful province which has rewarded our endeavours abundantly for half a century, let us be mindful that while this citizenship has granted us privileges, it has increased our civic responsibility. Since the J.C.C.A. is the only nationally representative organization for Canadians of Japanese origins, it shoulders a tremendous responsibility.

Kids Corner

A well-known English proverb says “you are what you eat.” I, on other hand, believe that you are what you hear.

JCAA Human Rights Committee

One purpose stated in the JCCA Constitution is to “protect and promote the past, present and future legal rights and democratic freedom of all...

Community Milestones

TSUCHIDA Jin Gen—born April 20, 1936. We announce with sadness in our hearts that Jin passed away on December 21, 2007. Survived by his...


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