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Yellow canaries.
Yellow canaries floating down.
Down down.
Singing as they twirl. Down down.

InReview : VIFF

Director Ryosuke Hashiguchi’s long-awaited return is an absolute triumph, expertly veering between emotional extremes. All Around Us follows the tumultuous early years of marriage between the tightly wound Shoko (Tae Kimura) and the emotionally adolescent Kanao (Lily Franky). The loss of a baby reveals the underlying frailties of their relationship, and Hashiguchi’s patient portrayal creates characters that the audience comes to truly care for.

Killing time with married men

In general, there is a tendency among both male and female youth to avoid developing deep relations with others. In the film, [Makoto] doesn’t want a proper “boyfriend-girlfriend” or “husband-wife” relationship and chooses to be with a married man who cannot become her “boyfriend.” It is therefore a relationship of convenience for Makoto.

Plastic Fantastic

Here in Canada, and in British Columbia in particular, turning nineteen comes along with a great deal responsibility. Whisked away so suddenly from minor-hood...

Kids Corner

The other day a friend and I got together to catch up on old news. The two of us had been away at different...

Origami: a brief history

by Joseph Wu No one really knows when and where origami was invented. Some origami historians argue that since the invention of paper is...

From the Archives: Editorial April 1958

As we celebrate the Centenary and rejoice in the fact that we are an integral part of this wonderful province which has rewarded our endeavours abundantly for half a century, let us be mindful that while this citizenship has granted us privileges, it has increased our civic responsibility. Since the J.C.C.A. is the only nationally representative organization for Canadians of Japanese origins, it shoulders a tremendous responsibility.

Kids Corner

A well-known English proverb says “you are what you eat.” I, on other hand, believe that you are what you hear.

JCAA Human Rights Committee

One purpose stated in the JCCA Constitution is to “protect and promote the past, present and future legal rights and democratic freedom of all...