Three Abreast In A Boat

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4 Responses

  1. Maria Hindmarch says:

    This article is just great because three breast cancer dragon-boaters’
    stories are interwoven. They reach out to their audience with warmth and laughter as the describe, advise, and convey a history. Kudos to
    the author and editor.

  2. Jack Korbet says:

    Wonderful article. I am sure all breast cancer survivors can relate to these ladies. Their story is an inspiration to everyone who has had cancer or other disease.

  3. Carol Nishii says:

    While reading the story, I had various emotions : sadness knowing that I knew friends who did not win their race against breast cancer; joy knowing that others like Patricia, Esther & Vivian had won their race against breast cancer; optimism knowing that the race against breast cancer and other cancers is being won and a bit of laughter reading the interview section.
    Definitely one of the best stories published in the Bulletin

  4. Joyce Yamada says:

    I loved how the ladies were so open and informative of their experiences and their support group Abreast in a Boat. Definitely a story I would recommend to others.
    Hopefully this article will be translated into Japanese so that all Bulletin readers will have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as I and several others have.

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