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A big step in this evolution to a deeper connection to community came after our son Montana was born in 1990. We began to do less international touring, and began the Strathcona Artist at Home Festival. This festival opened a huge and very rich vein—the history, culture, struggles and story of this area.

Japantown Multicultural Neighbourhood Celebration

On Saturday March 28 between 10am and 9pm, the Japantown neighbourhood will come to life with historical walking tours centred around Oppenheimer Park; public discussion about the Historical and Cultural Review of Powell Street; portable displays from local organizations and the sharing of stories and histories from many invited guests at Chapel Arts; intimate musical and spoken word performances at various venues; a street procession of artists, children and music; an afternoon ceremony to honour the milestones and initiatives of the community, an early evening gala of multicultural music and dance with local performers, and closing with a special dance performance from a mother and son duo of the Bandou-ryu School of Nihon Buyo at the Japanese Hall.