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Hide Hyodo-Shimizu Research Scholarship

The National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Landscapes of Injustice Partnership Project are proud to jointly announce the Hide Hyodo-Shimizu Research Scholarship Valued at $10,000,...

Remembering Aya Higashi

Following the war, Aya returned to Vancouver to obtain her teaching certificate then returned to Kaslo for good, fulfilling a promise she had made to the local principal. She taught senior high, specializing in commerce and home economics.

Remembrance Day 2015

It was a lovely warm and sunny day in between two storms. Consequently, there was a huge turnout at the cenotaph. Perhaps 400 people...


民芸展や御神輿、9月25日から27日はBC州のカルチャー祭典celebrate culture daysで美術館、図書館、歴史博物館など900の市町、1500の入場無料の催し物が開催された。バーナビー、バンクーバー、スコアミィシュ、ウイスラー、リルーエット、カムロップス、バーノン、サモンアーム、ケローナ、ペンテクトン、ホープ、メープルリージと自動車で移動し紅葉を楽しむ芸術愛好者もいた。

Kokoro Dance: heart, soul & spirit

Book of Love is not like a Harlequin romance novel. Any married couple will tell you that love has its peaks and valleys. Love, like life, is a mystery. We are lucky to have British artist Jonathan Baldock’s Dada surrealist-influenced costume and set design infiltrating the piece and Vancouver composer Jeffrey Ryan composing for the Standing Wave musical ensemble who will be playing live for the two weeks of performances at the Roundhouse.