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GOING GREEN At 12:01 on Canada Day the price of gas at pumps throughout British Columbia rose by an additional 2.4 cents, all thanks...

Review: Kessa

Kessa, conceived and choreographed by Ida, is a long-percolating response to his relationship with his grandmother, and his guilt at not having connected with her fully as she lay dying in the family home.


Having heard my share of live jazz, rock and classical concerts in the 60-plus years of my life so far, I very rarely get...

Interview: Harry Aoki

I sat down with Gary Cristall and Harry Aoki last week at Nikkei Place. Gary is writing a book on the history of folk...

The Case of the Missing Computer

Later that night we braved the cold and wandered down to the hotel pub, which even by the lowly standards of the neighbourhood could be generously described as a dive. Amidst the hookers, hustlers, bikers, winos and junkies the presence of two cherubic Bulletin editors stood out like sore thumbs.

Harry Aoki – a life of music

Harry Aoki is light-years ahead of his time. At the age of eighty-six he can look back on roughly a dozen careers. As he admits, he may have forgotten a few. He has been a composer, recording artist, conductor, impresario, efficiency expert, orchestral arranger, logger, teacher, ski instructor, musicologist, traveler and band leader, among others. And he’s not done yet.

Kids Corner

The other day a friend and I got together to catch up on old news. The two of us had been away at different...