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While getting information online is quick and easy, there’s no substitute for holding a book or magazine in your hand. You can have The Bulletin delivered to your door every month OR delivered to your inbox via a PDF, allowing you to savour it in its entirety. How do you do this? It’s easy . . . see the chart below for various membership/subscription options. Thank you for your support! 

NEW: the JCCA and The Bulletin are now able to accept  membership payments, donations, and other payments via Square in addition to eTransfer and cheque. All three options are secure.

To pay via Square: 

Visit and use the various options to renew a membership, purchase a new membership and/or donate. Note the new option to add a recurring annual payment for membership payments. That’s it!

To pay via eTransfer:

1. Fill out the form below and submit.

2. Send eTransfer to (using the form to work out the amount) – a security question is no longer required. Membership will be processed once payment is received.

3. Wait for a response from our office – note, our small staff works part time, thank you for your patience!

To pay by cheque, see the instructions below this form.

By becoming a member of the JCCA, you join a community organization that has been serving the Nikkei community for over fifty years. Your membership fee helps support the JCCA’s mandate, which includes publishing The Bulletin every month.

NOTE:  ‘The GVJCCA is a non-profit organization but we DO NOT HAVE CHARITABLE STATUS. As a result, we are unable to issue tax receipts for your generous donations.

To pay by cheque

download the membership form, fill it out and send it with a cheque to the address on the form.

Please make out cheques to: GVJCCA

Download Membership Form

Greater Vancouver JCCA Membership has its Benefits!

Why should you become a member of the JCCA?

1. Because you can support human rights and justice in Canada and around the world. 
As mandated, the JCCA is committed to “protecting and promoting the rights and freedoms of all individuals without any discriminatory practices.” Of course, this portion of the JCCA mandate and indeed the JCCA itself is steeped in Japanese Canadian history. When you become a member of the JCCA, you are not only becoming a part of a community, but you are indicating your committed support for your fellow citizens’ rights and freedoms.

2. Because you can build this community.
The cost of a membership to the JCCA enables us to build our community together. When you contribute by paying a membership fee, and if you’re able to make a financial donation, it means more food, fun, arts, culture, language, and education for everyone. If you’re able to contribute by volunteering at a community event or working on a sub-committee project, please get in touch at or 604.777.5222 to help build this community.

3. Because you can empower youth.
This past March, a new sub-committee was formed: the Japanese Canadian Young Leaders of Vancouver. This is an energized and passionate group of young people interested in their roots, seeking justice, engaging in Japanese Canadian arts and culture, and thinking hard about what it means to be Japanese Canadian. By investing $20.00 in a membership to the JCCA, you are simultaneously empowering these young people to achieve these goals.

4. Because you can engage your whole family.
By becoming a member of the JCCA, you are supporting the events that engage your whole family! The annual JCCA Keirokai provides an opportunity for the seniors in our community to share a meal, listen to music, and get together to have some fun. This year’s first-ever Bowl-a-thon offered an all-ages event to score some points, raise some money for all local Japanese Canadian organizations, and share some laughs. Plus, coming up this summer is the 3rd Annual Tonari Gumi and JCCA Golf Tournament (Save the date! June 14, 2015!) and the first ever official Japanese Canadian Young Leaders of Vancouver social!

5. Because you can receive The Bulletin / Geppo!
Did you know that Canadian publishing has a long history of struggle in this country? From newspapers to publishing houses, we have seen many shut their doors. Good thing The Bulletin / Geppo has survived and continues to be printed in Canada!  For an extra $5.00 to the cost of a regular JCCA membership, you can receive The Bulletin / Geppo delivered straight to your inbox as a PDF! For an extra $20.00 to the cost of a regular JCCA membership, you can receive The Bulletin / Geppo delivered straight to your mailbox as a magazine!

How do I become a member of the JCCA?
We’re glad you asked! The JCCA has restructured the cost of membership to better fit the needs of our members and cover the actual costs of the subscription (in particular, to cover the rising costs of mailing to the US and Overseas). To find out what type of membership is right for you, please see the table above.