Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan

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  1. Dan Tokawa says:

    The major rocks in a Japanese garden are placed carefully and deliberately.

    The rock upon which the Federal Government Internment Plaque now is mounted is located almost in constant shade close to the quiet corner of the Forum building and a Maple tree, which encourages growth of mildew and moss.

    The flat angle of the rock is such that leaves from the maple tree will settle on the plaque covering the words, instead of falling down to the ground in Autumn. Snow will cover the words in Winter. Rain will settle on the plaque.

    The plaque appears uncared for and wearing excessively.

    The location appears poorly lit so that a person walking along the narrow minor path could miss it easily in comparison to the shiny maintained signs at the entrance to Momiji Garden.

    Some people must feel very happy about what they have done.

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