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Reverend Gordon Goichi Nakayama

The Anglican Church is prepared to engage with the Japanese Canadian community to express their apology, and offer their participation in a healing and reconciliation process with individuals and community. They offer their pastoral response to survivors.

Tsuneko Kokubo exhibition

Tsuneko Kokubo will be exhibiting paintings from her Monochromatic Contemplation series at the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival....

Arts Preview: Vancouver International Dance Festival

Each year, before the first performances of the Vancouver International Dance Festival, we find ourselves in a state of anxious excitement. We never know exactly what to expect. Will people come? Will this be our last festival? We let those doubts drop away knowing that we are bringing outstanding artists that have proven themselves again and again in cities around the world.

Remembering Roy Kiyooka: 1926 – 1994

It was twenty years ago this January that Roy Kiyooka died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving behind an incredibly diverse body of work that speaks to the restless creativity and curiosity that drove him over the course of his lifetime and his career as an artist.