Author: John Endo Greenaway

Places That Matter plaque at Celtic Cannery

Everyone is invited to attend and share stories of life pre-1942 when approximately 25 Japanese Canadian families employed in the fishing industry lived in the area before being forcibly removed and relocated. They lived in row housing, on BC Packers land on Celtic and Deering Island

Harry Hiro-o Aoki 1921-2013

Composer, recording artist, conductor, impresario, orchestral arranger, logger, timber cruiser, B.C. Electric systems analyst, teacher, ski instructor, musicologist, traveler, band leader, advocate for social justice and pioneer in the field of world music—Harry Aoki managed to squeeze several lifetimes worth of experience into his 91 years on this planet.

I’ll Never Forget Harry

The best sessions must have been from around 2000 to 2005 or so when Harry was still in good health and had the energy to plan and execute the programs as he wished with the help of assistants who were happy to volunteer, I’m sure, inspired by Harry’s personality and work.

An Unusual Partnership: Harry Aoki, Jim Johnson & Moods of Man

A Black man and a Japanese was not the most common sight on the road in those days and there was more than one instance of racism. Harry recalled “Once you got 100 miles inland from the coast, you were in Ku Klux Klan territory.” By and large, though, they were welcomed and the music they played was well received.