More Young Females Leaving Japan For Konkatsu (Marriage Partner Seeking Activities) Abroad

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  1. james says:

    well, as a Canadian married to a Japanese woman, I will offer that it would appear that while Canada is perhaps more welcoming to immigrants than most countries, deciding to migrate, or even immigrate, through marriage should not be taken lightly.
    the cultural, language, social, philosophical barriers are difficult to overcome- and separation through time, distance, and cost, from your family cannot be understated.
    As my wife is native Japanese and much younger than the Issei who came here several decades earlier, she has trouble making friends.
    Consider that even Japanese Canadians are foreign to her, and the working- holiday Japanese are by now too young, and again are more interested in partying, socialising for the short stay, have little in common with her.
    The other issue is of course that we are Gen X, so there are fewer of our age in ANY country, than the ‘Boomer’ Generation, and the ‘Y’ Generation, never mind finding enough of our age group in our specific circumstance….
    if anyone should get the idea in their head that marrying out of Japan is an ‘easy’ way, they might do well to consider just how much their lives would change!

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